About Us

Lords Organics is a social economic venture of Lords Creative Group which is aimed at providing safe and healthy food products to people and support farmers to grow and sell Organic items. We want to provide an opportunity to people to see,feel and understand how Food is grown organically and understand the importance of growing own food. It is an attempt to bring back people close to the nature where everything is in its purest and unadulterated form. The Soil is free from pesticides,Water free from pollution and Air as clear as your pristine thoughts

Our company is strongly rooted by our core values T.R.U.S.T. - The foundation of our business, developed by being honest in all our dealings and actions.


  To maximize efforts, satisfaction and results by having everybody working together toward a common goal.


  To withstand the competitive and cyclical nature of our industry by being dynamic, flexible, innovative and operationally excellent.


  To meet clients' needs by first understanding our clients' businesses and needs.


 To practice servant leadership and develop a service-oriented culture at all levels.


  To be a learning organization that helps people realize their full potential and provides promotional opportunities from within.


  We want to promote Organic farming and living in holistic and sustainable manner to preserve ecosystem and create Synergy between nature and human beings. We want standardization of organic farming and products to achieve uniformity and profitability for farmers.


  Our mission is to create a pesticides free world where food is produced,grown and consumed in its most natural form. We are on a personal mission to remove pesticides from food chain and give back more to mother nature.